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Imagine the greatest single tool in the world that you can think of to address your crazy stiff T-spine, perform fine detailed trigger point work, and crazy smash your matted down, warrior princess?beef jerkified self. Got that? Now imagine it as a little more awesome. Meet the Gemini. We agree that two lax balls taped together gets you into the party. But once you are in the door you need to go ask that crazy hot girl or guy to dance AND you need access to the VIP lounge. The problem with the lacrosse ball is that it was invented for lacrosse, not for your body. The Gemini was born out of the need for better tools. We spent nearly a year getting the Gemini right for the human spine (we won?t bore you with the technical anatomy). We looked at the best tools in the world, integrated them and made them more effective and more safe. We looked around and no one had yet created what we needed. It?s a game changer. Brand MobilityWOD Color Blue Product Weight 0.5 lbs Length 6.5" Width 2.42" Made In USA No
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