Life Fitness Integrity S Upright with Discover ST console

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Multiple upright bike combinations offer comfortable and inviting experiences for any exerciser. The Integrity Series benefits from a sleek and modern design, and is rooted in more than 20 years of reliability and innovation. Each bike offers wireless internet connection, which provides valuable asset management data and insights about your exercisers.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Description Integrity S: Simple; Integrity D: Deluxe Console Integrity S: C, X, ST, SE3HD; Integrity D: X, ST, SE3HD Handlebars Integrity S: Racing Handlebars; Integrity D: Deluxe Racing Handlebars, egonomic design w/elbow support Remote Buttons Integrity S: No; Integrity D: Yes Saddle Integrity S: Improved Confort Curve™ Seat; Integrity D: Improved Confort Curve™ Seat Interchangable Seat Integrity S: Yes; Integrity D: Yes Pedals Integrity S: Wide Ride™ Pedals; Integrity D: Self-Leveling Wide Ride™ Pedals
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